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Supporting Vended Laundry

Whether you’re just getting your feet wet in the laundry industry or a seasoned veteran, we have solutions for your laundry needs! Instead of being one-size fits all, we tailor to your specific needs and guide you each step of the way to maximize your vended laundry’s potential.


Designed to optimize water consumption and maximize cleaning power, Huebsch equipment with EBoost will make your laundry more efficient and reliable. EBoost also features advanced leak detection technology so you know if your equipment is wasting money by leaking. Huebsch extractors with 200 G-Force extraction uses 33 percent less electricity and 11 percent less water than two-speed models. With three water levels to choose from, it’s time to customize and Go Green with Huebsch EBoost and Peak Laundry!

Huebsch Command

Be on the cutting edge of the laundry industry with Huebsch Command.  With the ability to access your locations and machine data from anywhere with an internet connection, Huebsch Command is a wireless, cloud-based system designed to work with Galaxy 600 Controls to deliver you a smarter, more efficient way to run your business.  By equipping your laundromat with the combination of Galaxy washer extractors and Galaxy tumble dryers, efficiency and revenue go from unmatched to unbelievable with a completely programmable store.

Each decision you make in your business will have an affect on your bottom line. With Peak Laundry, you can trust that the advice you receive will make your best interests our priority.

Laundry Services:
– Proforma Report
– Demographics reporting
– Lease Advisement
– Layout Design
– Vendor Consulting
– Financing Options Available
– Laundry Accessories and Soap
– Service Contracts

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